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About London Mining Partners

London Mining Partners (LMP) is run and managed by myself, Benjamin Langenhan. Throughout the 2000s & 2010s, I made a ton of money in the roaring Berlin + London Real Estate Market. Every year that passed by, I became ever more interested in another sector that is all about location. The Mining Business. I intuitively felt that once interest rates can´t fall any further, the world will turn to the precious metals sector as it remains to be one of the few sectors that is generating positive cash-flows and strong share price performances. Walking my talk and giving stock recommendations, I am building up a strong followership of mining investors in London.

As an investor myself, I have invested all of my assets in either precious metals or mining equities. However, I soon became frustrated not being able to see moving images of the faces behind the individual companies I was analyzing and wanted to invest in.

Helping Junior Mining Companies

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Become part of the network as a company. Investors will appreciate the transparency you are trying to achieve by being in these interviews with me. The more they hear your story, the more they will buy your stock. Our numbers suggest that the majority of the investors are watching our videos more than once.

It is my purpose to help capital flowing to where it is treated best through better market intelligence, in-depth questioning and a laser-like focus on you as the CEO of a Junior Mining Company. A beautiful, but tough job at the same time. I know. Provide me with Feedback or contact me with requests.

I sincerely hope you like what we are establishing for you here in London.

Yours faithfully,

My Plan For The Sector

Offer high quality interviews with mining executives. Through such interviews, I want to reveal the kind of information that you will not find in corporate presentations or paid research. In search of the truth, I want to provide investors with meaningful insights & intelligent information to not just make better investment decisions but also to avoid losing capital. By doing so, LMP wants to make a meaningful contribution to the international mining investment community & the world overall.

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It is hard to find the right investment opportunities in this sector. Usually, you have to do a lot of research, but then you still don’t know who is behind a company. Watching the interviews of London Mining Partners helps me a lot with my investment decisions. Thanks to these interviews, I get a good feeling and knowledge of who are the heads behind the stocks I want to invest in. It is a useful resource besides the normal research I do.

P. Jackson

I had never heard about Metallic Minerals before. I first watched the interview with Greg and the did my analyses. I got my first position on the open market and then I participated at the financing. Great job, Benjamin!

A. Becker

Instead of reading a ton of newsletters, I’m watching the LMP Video Interviews to get all the information directly from the company’s board of directors. Benjamin knows which questions to ask to get the most out of interviews for potential investors. I like it a lot.

O. Harrison

Having had the possibility to participate at the Chilean Metals Inc. with London Mining Partners was a big success for me. I got a cheaper price than I would normally through open market buying and good rates on top warrants. I’m up now 100 % as opposed to …% had I bought on the open market

T. Spencer