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September 7 2021

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Our 2 Top Picks We Financed

Metallic Minerals

Chilean Metals


I have worked with LMP for about a year now and have been very impressed with the quality of investors they have brought to our 1:1 interviews. A number of gone on to participate in our financing and a number have been in contact through the year as developments happen.

LMP has real investors who write checks and do due diligence. I like that type of investor as it’s how I do business and investing myself. The service is steady one or two investor calls a week but all with credible investors who we learn about. I think it’s a good platform for investors and companies to meet. It certainly worked for us at Chilean Metals.

Terry Lynch

It is hard to find the right investment opportunities in this sector. Usually, you have to do a lot of research, but then you still don’t know who is behind a company. Watching the interviews of London Mining Partners helps me a lot with my investment decisions. Thanks to these interviews, I get a good feeling and knowledge of who are the heads behind the stocks I want to invest in. It is a useful resource besides the normal research I do.

P. Jackson

I had never heard about Metallic Minerals before. I first watched the interview with Greg and the did my analyses. I got my first position on the open market and then I participated at the financing. Great job, Benjamin!

A. Becker

Instead of reading a ton of newsletters, I’m watching the LMP Video Interviews to get all the information directly from the company’s board of directors. Benjamin knows which questions to ask to get the most out of interviews for potential investors. I like it a lot.

O. Harrison

Having had the possibility to participate at the Chilean Metals Inc. with London Mining Partners was a big success for me. I got a cheaper price than I would normally through open market buying and good rates on top warrants. I’m up now 100 % as opposed to …% had I bought on the open market

T. Spencer

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